Riverchase Montessori is located in it’s own custom-built, modern building in Coppell, TX with several unique features, including:

Large Activity Room & Gym:

This particular gym is for children ages 3 and older. It is here where daily extracurricular lessons are given in Choreography (music and movement), Music, Spanish, Yoga and Poetry.  Also, during nap time or after 3 p.m., lessons such as Ballet, Gymnastics, and Chess are given here.  These classes are an option to children that wish to participate, for an additional charge.

We also use the Gym to accommodate the children who come in before 8 am, and feed them breakfast so they are ready for the beginning of their day. This Gym is also used during the last 30 minutes of the school day, so the children can continue playing while they are picked up.


Computer Lab:

Our computer Lab has 12 computers that accommodates 12 children at one time.  We believe that children should develop their senses and it is through their senses that they perceive before they can conceive.  Riverchase Montessori has purchased a Montessori Software Program that is an extension of the work that takes place in the classrooms for children ages 3 to 7 years of age. The Montessori Curriculum supports the classroom curriculum that children have mastered or are in the process of mastering it in an electronic manner. This is a wonderful opportunity for the teachers to validate the curriculum that each child has abstracted and is able to recognize and associate electronically. Most importantly, it assists the Montessori Teacher in Record Keeping and in making adjustments for each child individually as per their own needs in their curriculum. An evaluation of the computer work skills is also monitored and maintained by the lead teacher.  Therefore, the very same concepts the children use in the classroom, such as discrimination of color, size and shape, phonetic approaches towards reading and preparation for writing will take place during their daily time in the computer lab.  Critical Thinking will develop gradually as children increase their level of difficulty in their computer work.  The computer lab is for children ages 3 and older.


The library is open during the day to all children that wish to check books out.  The skill to select and check books out is important as it contributes to learning responsibility by returning the books in good standing within the same day.  Most importantly, it contributes to the love of reading. Children orient themselves in our small library and request the theme of books they wish to read.  Teachers have the option to take a group of children to the library for “Story Telling”.


Our facility is completely sercure and monitored by the Procare Child Care Security System.   All doors and gates are locked/one-way opening, classrooms/halls/geneneral areas are all monitored by security cameras and staff.    Front door entry requires a pin code and finger print authorization and verification is required before any child leaves with pre-approved adult.


We have a full service kitchen and serve only freshly prepared food.

Multi-sensory Gym:

The Multi-sensory Gym is specially designed for children ages 6 weeks up to 3 years.  It provides a daily dose of physical activity where they can stretch, crawl, follow the track and develop control of movement.  It is in the Multisensory Gym that children sing songs, practice rhythms with music, learn to walk in a straight line and learn to march.  Teachers have the option to take a group of children to do activities that contribute to motor control.


In addition to the equipment being appropriate for children under age 3 and children 3 and older, Riverchase Montessori provides a Bicycle Track.  The coordination of body and mind, as well as the discipline needed for children to stay on track, is very formative. The exercise that bicycling provides also contributes to their control of movement and physical development.  Each group has the opportunity to use this particular area when weather permits it.  Special judgment will be used before allowing children age 2 and under to play in this area.  Parental consent is required.

The Sports Area is also part of our playground.  Children are invited to play ball games, floor games and organized group games.  Extracurricular classes for sports are also given in this particular area of our playground.

Water Splash Park:

It is a wonderful advantage to have the children enjoy our Water Splash Park during the summer months.  It is safe, fun and children are protected from the cross contamination created from a wading pool.  All children are invited to participate and enjoy our water Park.  Special judgment will be used before allowing children age 2 and under.  Parental consent is required.


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Riverchase Montessori School is committed to helping your child to grow and develop in our school, learning the why and the how of the many academic questions they will face while growing up.