Riverchase Montessori has structured all programs by keeping in mind the different stages of growth to fulfill the needs of each child at a certain age. Thus, ensuring that all requirements and needs of the child are considered. Each program offers a selection of Montessori materials complemented by academic curriculum. It is in each of these programs that teachers are very much aware of not only the physical needs of each child, but also the formation of their character, emotional, and intellectual development.

Teacher Training Available:

  • If interested in obtaining a Montessori Teachers Certification, Riverchase manages the International Center for Montessori Education, Inc. For inquiries, please call: 972 -218-0365 or learn more here:  ICME Inc Overview 

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Riverchase Montessori School is committed to helping your child to grow and develop in our school, learning the why and the how of the many academic questions they will face while growing up.

COVID-19 Statement from Riverchase:

In light of the current health crisis, we wanted to take a moment to assure you we are closely monitoring the current outbreak & our staff is taking all extra precautions to protect you, your family & themselves from exposure to COVID-19.