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"Where Children Learn To Make A Difference"

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Riverchase Montessori School and Day Care in Coppell TX wishes you a warm welcome!

For Info Call Now: 972-745-1500

Dear Parents:

Riverchase Montessori School is committed to helping your child to grow and develop in our school, learning the why and the how of the many academic questions they will face while growing up.

The emotional and academic progress of your child is our stock in trade. We encourage, therefore, that all communication be open between parents and teachers. Riverchase Montessori School knows that our mutual cooperation with parents is of paramount importance for the proper development of your child.

Key Features of Riverchase Montessori Include:

  • Riverchase Montessori School and Day Care Coppell TX is committed to the application of the "True Montessori Method and Philosophy" along with the implementation of an above average academic curriculum.
  • A Modern and Functional Facility which includes the most updated Montessori Equipment, Computer Lab, Multi-Sensory Gym (for children 3 years and under) and an outdoor Playground area.
  • Active and passive security and surveillance in place at all times optimized to keep your child safe.
  • Warm Meals prepared in-house daily are included in the tuition for all programs. This is another way Riverchase Montessori School expresses the commitment to each of our children and to their education.
  • An In-house Montessori Teachers Training Center Approved by the State of Texas Workforce Commission-Career Schools and Colleges.  International Center for Montessori Education, Inc. is the name of our training center. The training center is a valuable asset to Riverchase, since it will be a successful way to ensure an above average academic curriculum for all children as well as the application of the true Montessori Method and Philosophy.  Learn More

Programs Offered At Riverchase Montessori:

All programs are structured by keeping in mind the different stages of growth in order to fulfill the needs of each child at a certain age. Thus ensuring that all requirements and needs of the child are considered. Each program offers a selection of Montessori materials complemented by academic curriculum. It is in each of these programs that montessori teachers are very much aware of not only the physical needs of each child, but also the formation of their character, emotional, and intellectual development.

Find out which program is right for your child:

infant montessori program transition montessouri program primary montessori program elementary montessori program

The Montessori Philosophy:

Montessori Philosophy
Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian medical doctor and educator, developed a method of education with a philosophy based on the natural development of the senses in children. She was able to combine her medical background and educational knowledge to establish what we now refer to as “The Four Planes of Education”.

Dr. Montessori saw education as an aid to life. Through carefully planned initial exercises, the child experiences success in his/her efforts, and thus acquires a sense of security and confidence as an independent learner. The chief objective of the Montessori philosophy is to introduce children to the joy of learning at an early age, and to provide a framework in which intellectual and social discipline can go hand-in-hand in the child's development.

Give us a call or visit our facility at 1555 E Sandy Lake Rd, Coppell TX 75019. We are proudly serving the families in Coppell and the surrounding cities.


The Montessori Classroom:

image002Our classrooms are called environments. Entering into a Montessori environment is entering into a place specially prepared for the fulfillment of every child’s needs; a place in which comfort and motivation take place. It is a carefully designed classroom with mixed ages working together or individually, with materials that invite all children to touch, think, discriminate and associate. Within this prepared environment the child works freely, learning to concentrate, thus fulfilling their internal needs. A sense of self-discipline naturally takes place which provides limits, respect for others, and choices of Montessori activities and curriculum work.

Montessori Certified and Trained Teachers welcome each child and show children gradually how to do all the work in the classroom, giving to all the opportunity to repeat the lessons freely and as needed. By observing the children a Montessori Teacher will know when it is necessary to assist or to occasionally structure and or re-direct behavior. More importantly, in this environment, each child preserves his/ her self-esteem and learns to respect others. These are character traits which will last them throughout their lives.

Furthermore, our classrooms meet the needs of each individual child and offer a variety of opportunities to encourage each of them to make choices on a daily basis. Our environment is conducive for the child to complete cycles of work successively throughout the day. This encourages children to go from one task to the next, working according to their ability. These particular cycles of work contribute to a feeling of accomplishment and encourages working independently. By following Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy and Method, Riverchase Montessori contributes in helping each child to become an independent learner.

Riverchase Montessori School
Using the classic Montessori theory and philosophy, we serve families all around the Coppell, TX area. Call for a tour! 972-745-1500
1555 E. Sandy Lake Rd.
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