After School Care in Irving TX

After School Child Care Programs in Irving TX

Program Hours:  3pm-6pm

Further engage children after school with our after-school care program in Irving, TX. The goal is to help provide opportunities for children to achieve their greatest potential through a wide variety of activities to enrich their after-school care experience. 

Some of the activities complement our school curriculum by exploring their own interest such as Lego Robotics, Ballet, Karate, Soccer and Sports, Piano Lessons, Drums and other classes.  Contact Riverchase for more information on each activity. Classes are administered and billed by vetted 3rd party partners.

Our after-school care program in Irving, TX  is specially designed to nurture and entertain your child. Children age five to twelve are welcomed with a snack as soon as they arrive from their school.  Shortly after they are offered different choices of work and fun such as homework support, physical activities, arts and crafts, puzzle mania, and technology time. 

  • Homework Support: We give your child the support and time needed to complete his/her school projects and daily homework.
  • Art and Craft Support: Creativity and imagination are key for analytical thinking, solving problems, and concentration.  Riverchase Montessori offers an endless choice of arts and crafts for each child to develop their creativity and imagination during our afterschool program.
  • Puzzlemania:  This area offers the challenge to work with large puzzles.  An exciting option to further develop problem-solving and analytical thinking skills and imagination!

Games and Playtime: Outdoor playing contributes to developing the skills needed to enjoy physical activity and physical development.  Our new and modern facility provides a sports court, modern playground equipment, and a splash park. All wonderful choices for the children to enjoy the outdoors.  Indoor playing provides new educational games and legos for children to create, imagine, and enjoy.

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Riverchase Montessori School is committed to helping your child to grow and develop in our school, learning the why and the how of the many academic questions they will face while growing up.