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Montessori Based Infant Care – Available in Valley Ranch, TX

The Montessori approach to infants, known as the “Infant Community” or “Nido,” emphasizes creating a nurturing and stimulating environment that respects the individuality of each child. The carefully prepared environment ensures safety and order, with age-appropriate materials and activities readily accessible to infants. Montessori caregivers deeply respect the child, observing their needs closely and responding promptly and appropriately. They recognize and cater to sensitive periods in the child’s development, offering opportunities for movement, language acquisition, and order. Encouraging freedom of movement, caregivers allow infants to explore their surroundings and develop self-reliance. 

At Riverchase Montessori, our Infant Program focuses on the development of movement and independence for children aged 6 weeks to 12 months. The environment is designed to support their basic needs and foster trust and self-esteem. A daily routine is adhered to which provides stability and security for your infant. Caregivers utilize daily activities like diapering, feeding, and playing as opportunities for social learning and interaction, promoting communication and nurturing.

The curriculum for infants centers around physical and motor development, as they have a sensitive period for movement. By providing ample opportunities for movement and maintaining a safe environment, infants can develop their gross motor skills naturally and at their own pace. 

Infants absorb languages from birth to six years of age and we seek to foster an environment where language development is integral. Caregivers speak to the infants throughout the day, exposing them to vocabulary by reading books, singing songs, and expressing the language of affection.

Infants are encouraged to develop self-help skills and problem-solving abilities. Caregivers act as observers and provide assistance when needed, allowing infants to solve challenges independently. Daily reports are given to parents to keep them informed about their child’s activities and schedule, ensuring their involvement in their child’s development.

Riverchase Montessori offers a well-established and secure program for infants, designed in accordance with Montessori principles. Our nurturing environment and carefully prepared surroundings ensure the safety and optimal development of your child. Contact Riverchase today to learn more about enrollment and how our Montessori-based program can provide a strong foundation for your infant’s early learning journey.

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Riverchase Montessori School is committed to helping your child to grow and develop in our school, learning the why and the how of the many academic questions they will face while growing up.