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Montessori Daycare for Toddlers – Available in Valley Ranch, TX

It’s stressful to leave your children in the care of someone else and trust them to provide the same level of care and interaction that you do at home. When you find yourself in this position, you want the best daycare for toddlers and infants in Valley Ranch, TX. Not all daycares are equal, and you will need to do plenty of interviews and tours before deciding on the best fit for you. But beyond the facilities and the staff, you will want to make sure that your child is being provided with the kind of environment that will stimulate their learning. At Riverchase Montessori daycare, our infant and toddler programs are designed around the traditional Montessori standards that create a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Toddler Program

The Toddler Program is designed for children aged 13 months to 23 months and prepares them for the Transition Class. The curriculum includes various areas of learning:

  1. Language: Creative materials and picture classified cards expand the child’s vocabulary. Teachers read stories, sing songs, and introduce phonetics to lay the foundation for reading. Initial penmanship skills are also practiced.
  2. Mathematics: Toddlers learn about quantity, numeration, and counting with manipulative objects from 1 to 10. They begin recognizing and writing numbers.
  3. Sensorial Development: Activities focus on developing all senses. Children engage in exercises that help them discriminate colors, sizes, shapes, textures, and scents independently.
  4. Practical Life: This area emphasizes self-care and care for the environment. Children practice tasks like dressing frames, hand washing, wiping their faces, watering plants, dusting, and folding. They also learn grace and courtesy, as well as develop both large and small muscle control through activities like walking, carrying, dancing, hand-eye coordination exercises, and more.
  5. Cultural Subjects: Toddlers explore the natural aspects of their surroundings and environment. Puzzles related to plant parts, animals, and external features enrich their vocabulary.

Fresh meals, including breakfast, lunch, and three snacks, are provided as part of the monthly tuition. Extracurricular activities such as multi-sensory gym for infants and toddlers, music for motor development, and rhymes and songs are also included in the program.

Preschool Ages

The program for children aged 3 to 5 focuses on phonetic reading and writing. Montessori schools have a unique approach where children learn to read and write at an early age, typically starting around 3 years old. The children in this program are toilet trained and begin working independently in various areas, including practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, and cultural subjects with materials designed to foster abstract thinking.

Montessori teachers play a facilitative role, guiding children through lessons and activities. Each child is given the freedom to choose their tasks, while the teacher observes their progress and offers support when needed. This approach allows children to experience the satisfaction of their efforts and a sense of accomplishment.

Children take their work home every Friday to communicate their weekly progress to their parents. They also bring home their napping blanket, pillow, and other personal items for washing before returning them to school on the following Monday.

The Riverchase Difference

The thought, care, and attention to detail that has gone into designing and implementing the Riverchase curriculum are reflected in the happiness of our students. Your child’s educational and social/emotional future is our priority today. With an activity room, computer lab, gym, water splash pad, library, playground, and security system, our facility contains everything your child needs to stay active, engaged, and safe. 

Riverchase also serves as a teacher training facility. Those who are training to earn their Montessori teaching certificate can do their practicum hours at Riverchase. They are supervised by the classroom teachers and offer an extra set of hands and eyes to facilitate the learning experience. 

The early years are a small window of time where environmental, motor, and social experiences lay the foundation for successful transitioning into school. Let the teachers at Riverchase work as partners with you to help give your child the best care outside of your own home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about the program and enrollment process. 

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Riverchase Montessori School is committed to helping your child to grow and develop in our school, learning the why and the how of the many academic questions they will face while growing up.