The Montessori Classroom

Our classrooms are called environments. Entering into a Montessori environment is entering into a place specially prepared for the fulfillment of every child’s needs; a place in which comfort and motivation take place. It is a carefully designed classroom with mixed ages working together or individually, with materials that invite all children to touch, think, discriminate and associate. Within this prepared environment the child works freely, learning to concentrate, thus fulfilling their internal needs. A sense of self-discipline naturally takes place which provides limits, respect for others, and choices of Montessori activities and curriculum work.

Montessori Certified and Trained Teachers welcome each child and show children gradually how to do all the work in the classroom, giving to all the opportunity to repeat the lessons freely and as needed. By observing the children a Montessori Teacher will know when it is necessary to assist or to occasionally structure and or re-direct behavior. More importantly, in this environment, each child preserves his/ her self-esteem and learns to respect others. These are character traits which will last them throughout their lives.

Furthermore, our classrooms meet the needs of each individual child and offer a variety of opportunities to encourage each of them to make choices on a daily basis. Our environment is conducive for the child to complete cycles of work successively throughout the day. This encourages children to go from one task to the next, working according to their ability.  These particular cycles of work contribute to a feeling of accomplishment and encourages working independently. By following Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy and Method, Riverchase Montessori contributes in helping each child to become an independent learner.


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