Kindergarten and Elementary

Children in this program are within the age range of 5 to 7 years. Beginning at age 5, the Kindergarten and Elementary programs are a philosophical extension of the preschool, with a curriculum consisting of the traditional disciplines. Sensitive Period of Memorization takes place during this age range. In addition to our rather unique academic program being high on our hierarchy of importance, we also place stress on the child’s social/emotional development. Social relationships, emotions, and positive attitudes are among the topics of discussion which are treated openly in the classroom.

Our goal is that children at this age, in addition to receiving a formal and highly academic education, will come to appreciate their own worth and have a high regard for others.

At the end of the school year, the children will be tested by either the California Test of Basic Skills or the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills. If your child is going to be transferring to a traditional or another private school, please let us know, so we can better prepare your child for this transition, especially if your child will take an acceptance examination.

Riverchase prepares your child for a natural and well adjusted transition into a Public School or another Private School, providing them with the self confidence and the high academic level needed to excel.

All fresh meals, breakfast, lunch and three snacks are cooked and served at school daily as part of the monthly tuition.

Extracurricular activities that are also part of your tuition are: Music, Yoga, Choreography and Movement, Poetry, Computer Lab, Library Skills and Spanish. Other lessons are also offered at the school for an additional charge such as: Tennis Lessons, Soccer, Gymnastics, Karate, Computers, Ballet, and Chess.

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Riverchase Montessori School is committed to helping your child to grow and develop in our school, learning the why and the how of the many academic questions they will face while growing up.