Splash Pad

Splash Pad

It is a wonderful advantage to have the children enjoy our Water Splash Park during the summer months.

Montessori Program for Infants and Toddlers

Children ages 6 weeks to 12 months are part of the Infant Program. This is a period of great activity in your child’s development cycle. One of our primary goals is the development of movement and of independence.  The environment we have designed is made to support and respond to the infants’ basic needs for […]

Outdoor Playground & Track

We provide age appropriate playground equipment & a Bicycle Track.  Playground equipment is shaded to protect student from the elements.

Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian medical doctor and educator, developed a method of education with a philosophy based on the natural development of the senses in children. She was able to combine her medical background and educational knowledge to establish what we now refer to as “The Four Planes of Education”. Dr. Montessori saw education […]

Take a Tour

Interested in learning more about the Montessori Learning Philosophy?  Take a tour today and check out our infant to kindergarden programs.  Learn more by visiting www.RiverchaseMontessori.com now!  

Full Kitchen for Hot Meals!

Our students get the royal treatment.   We have a full service kitchen and serve only freshly prepared food.   To learn more about Riverchase Montessori School and Day Care in Coppell, give us a call or visit www.riverchasemontessori.com

Check out our Computer Lab

Looking for a great Day Care in Coppell?   Our computer Lab has 12 computers that will accommodate 12 children at one time.  We believe that children should develop their senses and it is through their senses that they perceive before they can conceive.  Therefore, the very same concepts the children use in the classroom, such as […]

Internal Walls

Internal Walls are taking shape.   Starting to look like a school inside and out.